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Georgia Drug Free Workplace Solutions

Georgia DFW Expert

Staci Wade

Contact Name: Staci Wade
Contact Email: swade@livedrugfree.org
Contact Phone: 404-223-2486
Contact Fax: 866-881-3827

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Georgia DFW/DOT Account Specialist

Noy Vongnakhone

Contact Name: Noy Vongnakhone
Contact Email: noy@livedrugfree.org
Contact Phone: 404-223-2482
Contact Fax: 888-689-8799

Director DFW/DOT Division

Karen Tinker

Contact Name: Karen Tinker
Contact Email: ktinker@livedrugfree.org
Contact Phone: 404-223-2481
Contact Fax: 888-689-8799

State Board of Workers Compensation

Georgia State Board of Workers Compensation

State Website: https://sbwc.georgia.gov/drug-free-workplace
Applying Online for Certification or Annual Recertification: http://www.sbwcdfwp.org
Questions and log in assistance: sbwcdfwp@gmail.com

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Georgia Drug Free Workplace Services

Georgia Drug Free Workplace Drug Testing Supplies

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